Not-Pizza Rolls

Not-Pizza Rolls | Eats Inspired By

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You’ll learn very soon how much Brent and I love cheese. One of our early dates was at The Wedge cheese festival in Portland. We love to feel fancy by splurging on nice cheese at New Seasons or the farmer’s market.If the option exists to cover something in cheese, we’ll usually do it. And I will brainstorm new ideas of how to incorporate more cheese into our diet on a regular basis. Enter Not-Pizza rolls.

Not Pizza Rolls | Eats Inspired By

One such time was after sampling some Jacob’s Creamery cheeses at the PSU Farmer’s Market. We knew immediately that their Bloomy Cheese needed a place in our kitchen, and shortly thereafter our stomachs. Just read this description from their website: “A delicate bloom envelopes the rind and conceals a sumptuous buttery rich interior with a slight tang and a hint of mushroom at the finish. As the cheese ages it ripens inward to create a creamy consistency and luxurious feel in your mouth. Contains all the sexy attributes of your favorite triple cream but without the fat, since it is made with whole milk.”

Super sexy. Très délicieux.

Not Pizza Rolls | Eats Inspired By

The following recipe was actually inspired the same night we made ratatouille. We had extra sweet potato + purple potato slices and some extra sauce, so decided to improvise. What resulted was these adorable little Not-Pizza Roll pockets.


Not-Pizza Rolls
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Recipe type: Snacks
Serves: 3-6
  1. Sautee the potatoes and spices in some olive oil in a small skillet. While cooking, tear three tortillas into 6 triangular pieces each. Cut small wedges of Bloomy cheese and place toward the base of the tortilla triangle. Top with sauteed potatoes, and roll up neatly into a triangle. Spoon some ratatouille sauce on top and bake in a 350° oven until just turning crispy and brown (about 15 minutes). Best when eaten immediately and with a glass of wine by your side.Not-Pizza Rolls | Eats Inspired By
  2. We believe you can make Not-Pizza rolls with any veggies and any cheese, as long as you have tortillas and a little tomato sauce to complete the recipe. Try your own variation and let us know your favorite combo!Not-Pizza Rolls | Eats Inspired By

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